Pure Products Heathy Nation

Chairman | Nabil Group

Md. Jahan Box Mandol
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. On behalf of the board and the management team of Nabil Group, I would like to thank all of you, who have contributed to our company’s success. Thanks to the dedication, commitment and constant hard work of our team, the Nabil Group today has an important position in the economic development of our country. During our past years of experience, we have developed our strategy to the market evolution, investing in our business’ diversification. Our determination to deliver the highest standard of products and services is the same today as it was when the Group was founded in 2006. We consistently integrate sustainability in our business, such as continuous development of our personnel, implementing our Business policy and Strategy. Nabil Group is committed to learning & creating substantial value to the trading venture. The contribution by all members in this Group is essential to all of us. We are excited about our journey over the coming decades. Therefore we welcome any idea for further improvement in order to maintain the highest possible standard of products & services.

Managing Director | Nabil Group

Kbd. Md. Aminul Islam
Assalamu Alaikum, I address you on the bigger context of corporate governance where we are to take care not only of our investors but also all the others who are impacted by our operation as an economic entity, providing goods and services for the benefit and development of the society and sustainability of the environment. "No money no business, No proper education no success" these are always said by the people who are lagged behind. Yet every person has the hidden potentiality to shine in life. Whenever these successful persons are set as an example then most of the common people think that they are the exception. No one is an exception by born. Those are the exception that makes themselves different from others by dint of their merit, hard work & perseverance. Nabil Group is committed to provide quality products. We are very much sincere for our commitment. Within short time, just in 10 years we achieved so many things. Our current growth is 40% every year. Quality, commitment, ethics is the main point behind our tremendous success and acceptance by the consumers and stakeholders, me think. I expect to look forward to make big contribution in Bangladesh socio-economic development.

Chairman | Nabil Feed Mills Limited

Israt Jahan
Be Green. Be Happy. The Economic growth and social prosperity of Bangladesh is enhancing at quick pace in line with globalization although the economic journey of Bangladesh has begun on foot. The rural agro-based society has changed radically with the touch of the industrialization in this way of prosperity. As the wheels of the economy have begun to move in the rural micro-enterprises, sustainable development is changing the quality of life and touching the environment and nature. It is the Green Revolution, the beckoning of Green Economy. Nabil Group is proud for being a significant part of these developmental initiatives. Every step of the Nabil group is the commitment of purity and goodwill. So be transmitted to every soul by Nabil Group- “Pure product, healthy nation”.

Deputy Director | Nabil Group

Md. Mamunur Rashid
All the praises and thanks be to Allah. At Nabil Group we work hard and excel to bring the right talents and resources to go beyond the needs and expectations to serve the Bangladesh Market. Our focus is always directed towards our clients, to offer the highest quality and strive for their satisfaction. We aim to go beyond their expectations ensuring products quality and availability. We seek to bring value to the relationships and work to build the strength of our suppliers as they are an integral part of our business, and these partnerships are key factors to our business growth and success. I would like to express to all our stakeholders my gratitude for their big support always for the development of community, development of country. Hope Nabil Group will be one of the leading Groups of companies in Bangladesh soon, Insha’Allah.
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