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Assalamu Alaikum,

I address you on the bigger context of Corporate Governance where we are to take care not only of our investors but also all the others who are impacted by our operation as an economic entity, providing goods and services for the benefit and development of the society and sustainability of the environment.

“No money no business, No proper education no success” these are always said by the people who are lagged behind. Yet every person has the hidden potentiality to shine in life. Whenever these successful persons are set as an example then most of the common people think that they are the exception. No one is an exception by born. Those are the exception that makes themselves different from others by dint of their merit, hard work & perseverance.

It is known from every entrepreneur that capital is not mandatory to be an entrepreneur, courage is a must. Besides courage, characteristics like the desire of success, innovative sense, objectivity, creativity, leadership, etc. make a man successful entrepreneur.


Kbd. Md. Aminul Islam

B.Sc Ag. (Hons), M.s in Soil Science

Managing Director

Nabil Group

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